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2016-11-10 / in Maxsun / by admin
Hottest trends in big data analytics We have been observing that tools are still rising, and the aim of the data analytics platform is not at the degree it needs to be for today’s businesses to reply on. Still, it can be said that that bi
2016-11-10 / in Maxsun / by admin
Getting your localization strategy better and better What makes a huge difference between an entity that just does business globally and the company that has achieved a successful and enduring growth? Let me tell you, it all revolves around
2016-11-10 / in Maxsun / by admin
Boost website localization without being lost in translation One common mistake that Maxsun, a leading provider of business translation and website localization services, always emphasizes to avoid in localized website aspect is considering
2016-11-10 / in Maxsun / by admin
Website localization strategy - Questions to consider Website translation and localization are very specific in nature, but they don’t have to be a complicated task either. Through proper planning, preparation and a strongly focused local
2016-11-10 / in Maxsun / by admin
Things to know about software localization - What value does it bring to your business Most of the todays software is localized for having higher accessibility in bigger markets. If you are planning software development in more than one lan
2016-11-10 / in Maxsun / by admin
Language translation: What global businesses should know Image you own a company that does business with reputed overseas clients and whose press release is published worldwide. Your business might not be there yet, but because of the growi
2016-06-20 / in Maxsun / by admin
Big Data Management - Best practices Big data is the outcome of practically everything being traced and measured in the world, developing data faster than the present technologies can store, manage, process and retrieve. Due to the fact tha
2016-04-26 / in Maxsun / by admin
The latest language translation trends There are thousands of translation businesses all around the world and credit goes to the internet that their services are accessible for everyone irrespective of their physical locations. However, not
2016-04-26 / in Maxsun / by admin
Why proper language interpretation is necessary for businesses? If you are an entrepreneur or running a giant business, you must aware of how important your first impression is to the existing and potential customers. Being a business owner
2016-04-21 / in Maxsun / by admin
Translation Industry is getting bigger Being operating in a global translation industry, businesses like Maxsun, a leading provider of high end translation services, find it important to be aware of how big the translation service market is

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