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Things to know about software localization
2016-11-10 / in Maxsun / by admin

Things to know about software localization
- What value does it bring to your business

Most of the today’s software is localized for having higher accessibility in bigger markets. If you are planning software development in more than one language, or if you are starting to develop software in your home country language, and then translating into other foreign markets languages, it is mandatory right from the start to consider some translation and localization factors. An idea situation is to do this prior to the stage when software is written. It is quite obvious that keeping the localization factors in mind while doing the project specifications will certainly aid in reducing cost and easing the efforts linked with the localization of the website or services in the foreign markets.

Software localization means more than just the translation of the website or a product’ user interface. Businesses want their software to be flexible to the culture of the target foreign country, in order to better reach their larger target audience. In this scenario, localization stands for the complicated mechanism that is based in translating the software and also in adapting it as per the linguistic conventions and cultural norms of the users from the target foreign country. This process usually needs a lot of work and immense efforts by development teams, however, there are certain tools that were developed specifically for simplifying the localization process. In addition, most of the localization projects are outsources to specialized companies in view of cost reduction. Maxsun, a leading provider of software localization services, lets you make the most of your software localization with cost control and higher ROI motives.

Software should be written in a way that can make it easier to adapt or translated later, as per the requirements, into different languages and cultures. You cannot separate internationalization and localization as both go hand in hand. Basically, internationalization means developing the product in many languages. All parts of the software that require to be translated are detached from the software and adapted to specifications of the target country for which the software is made for. It is ideal that specific software to be developed with this factor in mind from the start since the phenomenon of re-writing the whole software which was developed from the beginning was only a narrow target market I consideration, is quite costly and time taking.

For the translators, it is ideally required that they should be perfect in target languages and possess a very fine knowledge in this field, along with being proficient with culture specific vocabulary. In addition, they must be familiar with the software for fully understanding the background or context. Maxsun’s professional translators take care of all these factors and provide expert translation and localization fully adapted to target market culture.

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