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Big Data Management - Best practices
2016-06-20 / in Maxsun / by admin

Big Data Management - Best practices

Big data is the outcome of practically everything being traced and measured in the world, developing data faster than the present technologies can store, manage, process and retrieve. Due to the fact that it is even more intuitive to display information as the file than a relational thing, there has been an abundance of unstructured for of data, making as much as 80 percent of the new data to be managed.

Businesses are striving to handle Big Data. As per the IDC latest report, the amount of data or information generated, captured or imitated has gone much larger than the available storage for the first time since 2007. The total size of the digital world is expected to be tenfold this year of what it was only five years ago. Hence, smart data management seems to become the hottest requirement for the businesses. Maxsun, a leading provider of translation, localization and professional data management services, helps you redefining your big data management strategy and lets you make the most of the available technologies.

There are a lot of organizations thinking that they are able to manage their Big Data by disposing of increasing storage at the problem. They sometimes go for additional storage in every 6 or 12 months, which not just becomes the increased costs but frustrates their IT teams to invest more time on big data management rather than focus on more strategic IT measures and initiatives. The absence of real solution for big data management just leads to a lot of significant inefficiencies all over the organization. The team at Maxsun helps you getting rid of this problem.

Simultaneously, the big data just continues to grow and grow, as per the Forrester Research report which revealed that:

The average business would increase their data by 50 percent almost, in the coming year.
The overall corporate big data is going to ouch 94 percent increase.
Database systems are expected to increase by 97 percent.

Big data leads to three fundamental challenges, including storing, processing and handling it in an efficient way. Scale-out structures have been designed for storing bug quantities of data and application based appliances have enhanced the processing capability. The next trend is to be based on learning how to handle the big data all through its complete lifecycle. Many of the organizations are unaware of that big data is either synthesized data or supplicated data.

Virtualization is the key that organizations can apply to fights against the big data management issues and challenges. By decreasing the footprint, virtualizing the storage and reuse of the data and centralizing data set management, big data can be transformed into smaller data and handled like virtual data.

In order to get more professional consultation about your Big data management strategies, Maxsun expert team is always there to provide you support.

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