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Language translation-What global businesses should know
2016-11-10 / in Maxsun / by admin

Language translation: What global businesses should know

Image you own a company that does business with reputed overseas clients and whose press release is published worldwide. Your business might not be there yet, but because of the growing global economy, these dreams have become a reality for a number of businesses like yours. As the economy and corporate world keep on going global, we see that the need for language translation services has become even greater than ever before. Maxsun translation services recognized it very well and responded to it efficiently in terms of high class translation services provision. Translation experts have shared their ideas and thoughts on the current industry trends and what business needs to be aware of in order to compete successfully. We have discussed this in this article.

Why are companies translating content?

Businesses might have a number of motivations for translating their content for the global audiences. It might be to facilitate the overseas business ventures and partnerships, or to expend their market penetration and sell to worldwide consumers. However, irrespective of the reason, today’s businesses are getting more specific regarding which piece of content they put their energy into translating and for what audience.

I came across an interview of Dougal Cameron, the Chief Operating Officer of the e-book publishing platform named Pubsoft. He shared some great thoughts which every global business must know. He stated that people are getting away from taking and making 20 or 30 different quick translations. There is more of an emphasis on why it is translated for the particular audience. An accurate and simple translation can bring a big difference in how the content is got.

Let’s take into consideration another expert’s opinion. Ian Henderson, the Chief Technology Officer of one of the technology firms, states that both too low quality and too sophisticated translation put a bad impression of the business on target audience. It also negatively affects the branding since content is the first thing people read to know more about you and your business.

So, what should you know? If any business goes for translating its contents, it usually has three main options i.e. machine translation, professional translator and crowdsourcing. Each one has its own pros and cons and specific purposes. Which one should you go for?

The translation modes you apply for particular content is based on your business nature and priorities. You may utilize high end translation services for your creative copy or advertising campaign, machine translation for internal purpose and crowdsourcing form of translation for user generated content. The trend is becoming smarter regarding your content and selecting the right quality in an appropriate way.

Maxsun translation industry provides you highly professional translation services that not just enable you presenting your content to the audience in the desired way, but also to deliver the branding message in the most positive and accurate way.

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