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Website localization strategy - Questions to consider
2016-11-10 / in Maxsun / by admin

Website localization strategy - Questions to consider

Website translation and localization are very specific in nature, but they don’t have to be a complicated task either. Through proper planning, preparation and a strongly focused localization strategy, complexity to fasten time-to-market and overcome cost constraints can be avoided. This is what Maxsun, a leading provider of translation and localization services, stands for. Maxsun lets you enjoy a profitable investment in your business in terms of high end translation and customized localization services for all your business documents and website, respectively. In this article, our core focus is website localization strategy. Website is the face of your business, and this is something that needs to be perfect especially if you are operating globally.

What is meant by website localization strategy and why Maxun emphasizes it for businesses?

Being an extension of your business strategy, the website localization strategy acts as a blueprint for heading towards your global business goals. It’s like a comprehensive planning document which helps you determining the organizational readiness, identifying locale-specific requirements and approaches, ensuring the integration of right technologies and choosing effective translation workflows.

Questions to consider while developing website localization strategy

It can’t be emphasized enough how vital planning and preparation are for the success of localized projects. Just because you have a deadline and budget doesn’t mean you are set to go. Multilingual website projects are complicated and tricky. Avoid adding more complexity to it by trying to localize without having any clear and defined strategy. Following questions are to be considered while developing your website localization strategy, and which Maxsun pays huge attention to:

What your global business objectives are
Are your target markets, their languages and locale are defined
Is your business ready to expand globally
Is there stakeholders’ consent on goals and scope
Do you possess right technologies for multilingual web operations
Was your website built with globalization idea in your mind
Have you applied multilingual SEO strategy and what resources do you have
Do you have the budget
Have you registered country code domain names
Is there any cultural or trademark issues in your target market
Are you aware of locale-specific marketing requirements
Do you have content localization strategy for your localized website
Do you have in-country staff that can support localization reviews
Have you chosen an LSP partner or prepared a request for proposal (RFP)

As you generate your source language content, either in English or some other language, adopt the idea that you are planning for the global or target language content requirements. Of course, in order to avoid considering localization and translation as an afterthought, a good localization strategy doesn’t distinguish between target and source languages. Hence, make sure that your website is developed with globalization in mind. For more information and services for your localization strategy, Maxsun is there to provide you complete consultation and services.

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