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Boost website localization without being lost in translation
2016-11-10 / in Maxsun / by admin

Boost website localization without being lost in translation

One common mistake that Maxsun, a leading provider of business translation and website localization services, always emphasizes to avoid in localized website aspect is considering that translated content is just another edition of the pages in original language. Translation is not the core focus only. Indeed, for the user or your customer, it is more about the content; is the content understandable and relevant and in accordance with the cultural context of the user? In this article, this tricky topic is going to be highlighted so that you don’t get lost in translation while doing your website localization.

Cultural context is the focus

The plan to expand one’s business into other markets should always be having profound and thorough research in advance. Localization of your website is an important decision that would have a big impact on how well you accomplish your business objectives in those markets. Before localizing the content, having consultation with the professional service providers like Maxsun in this regard, you can better determine the target audience, and check if your product caters the local standards and is in accordance with the core cultural values of the target audience. Understanding the fundamental differences in customs and practices between the nations and cultures is significantly important.

With any kind of software localization project, what you observe and see in other languages in the outcome of close integration between localized programmers and experts. Keeping the IT team in the collaboration is critical if you plan to include any language to the website. This is the most visible reason being that someone wants to make the system for the new content and help with its continuous maintenance. If you overlook this collaboration, you would encounter the following programs:

Inability to decide how to display default language in the locale
Displaying your content in a right-to-left layout
Knowing how much space is required for presenting the content in foreign languages
Displaying the special characters and selecting the correct encoding for them like UTF-8
Displaying the first and last names in culturally specific way
Eliminating any hardcoding of currencies and dates
Displaying the right calendar of the location

The most visible guideline is to automatically display the users’ content in their own language when it is available. There are certain ways for this which have been discussed in few of our earlier posts. If you want to have more information for your website localization and need professional consultation and high end services, Maxsun, being one of the pioneers in the field, is there to give expert guidance.

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