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Getting your localization strategy better and better
2016-11-10 / in Maxsun / by admin

Getting your localization strategy better and better

What makes a huge difference between an entity that just does business globally and the company that has achieved a successful and enduring growth? Let me tell you, it all revolves around your localization strategy. In this article, we will discuss some of greatest ways for improving your localization strategy and taking it to the next level.

1. Local hiring

No one can better know a given culture than a local. Look for local experts, either in the form of agencies, staff, or in-state partners, from your target markets. This way you will be having a team that makes sure the most localized, accurate and enriched experience for the users. This is probably the single most significant element for any business localization strategy. Also, consider the in-country feedback quite seriously. Preparation is needed in advance to ensure that you are aware of local market places, dynamics, competitors, channels and promotional strategies.

Sometimes, marketing and content tactics you apply in one country just don’t work in another.

2. Be in minds- Be Memorable

When your target market hears about your brand name in the particular market, what traits do they link with it? Do they think of quality, ease of use and reliability? Maybe you have established a great brand name in your home country, but how does the identity can be transmitted into other markets too? You must do an extraordinary job for developing a strong image right from the start. If you effectively and clearly define and communicate your brand, its colors, styles and personality, potential customers would think of your brands first when they will compare you with your competitors.

However, keep in mind that every market is diverse, even the name of your brand could have an unintentional meaning in another language that you were never able to know better before.

3. Translation is not enough- Localization is equally important

To be a localization expert, your business must be made adaptable to culture of each of the individual in your target market. As stated by Travis Kalanick, the founder of Uber, every city has its unique identity, density, transportation pain points, regulations and even its transportation norms.

Indeed, local market knowledge is important for a company.

4. Marketing language should be as global as your business is

Quite a frequent overlooked benefit if localization is that it transforms your market position strategy and boost your core brand identity in the target market. As you proceed against localization strategy, ensure that you keep the track of it and roll it back to brand marketing strategy also. Almost all businesses start as a company that serves a domestic or local market, however as you move ahead into international markets, there is a need to change your marketing language to establish and show yourself an international market.

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