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Hottest trends in big data analytics
2016-11-10 / in Maxsun / by admin

Hottest trends in big data analytics

We have been observing that tools are still rising, and the aim of the data analytics platform is not at the degree it needs to be for today’s businesses to reply on. Still, it can be said that that big data and analytics disciples are rising so fast that businesses must wade in or risk being left behind the market. Traditionally, rising technologies in the past must have consumed years to penetrate and being matured. Now we iterate and drive the solutions in just months or even weeks. Maxsun, being a leading provider of translation and data management services understands the significance of big data advanced analytics and came with post to let you know some emerging technology trends that must be on your watch list.

1. Cloud based big data analytics

Hadoop, which is a set and framework of tools that process very big data sets, was previously developed for working on clusters of physical machines. This has been transformed. Now a growing number of technologies are there for data processing in the cloud. The future of big data would be a hybrid of cloud and on-premises.

Smart Remarketer has recently shifted from in-house MongoDB database structure to Amazon Redshift, which is a cloud based data warehouse. The company is based in Indianapolis and gathers brick and mortar and online retail sales and customer related demographic fata, along with real time behavioral data collection and then analyzes information to id retailers developing targeted messaging to trigger the desired response from shoppers, in some instances in real time.

2. Big data lakes

Conventional data base theory states that you develop the data set prior to entering the data. Data Lake also termed as enterprise data hub or enterprise Data Lake, transforms that model on the head. It states that we would take all these data sources and dispose them of into a big Hadoop repository, and we wouldn’t attempt to develop a data model prior to it. Instead of this, it gives tools for the people to examine the data, along with high end definition of what data is present in the Lake. People develop the views into the data as they go along. It is quite organic, incremental model for developing a big scale database. However, one cons is that people using it must be extremely skilled and preferred to be experienced.

Big Data management consultation and services are given immense importance at Maxsun and our team is ready to provide professionally skilled capabilities for managing your data.

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